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Lionel Messi of Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League group D match between FC Barcelona and Sporting CP at Camp Nou on December 5, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

Anonymous said to :

Going by the anon’s description of the house&all the other renovation info the one thing i gather is its a HUGE house😮 i remember watching this old iv of Jorge&celia in Argentine tv program they said lio loves big houses that has spaces to just go around never liked flats. Boy I totally underestimated his love for big houses&hate for small flats😂😂 luis during golden boot ceremony said lio has a very good security system&also nice gardening equipments lol.

It’s massive!! It looks more like a building than a home imo but yeah, it’s huge :O Hahaha, what a random but very Suarez thing to say :P

Anonymous said to :

For some weird reason lio who was supposed to present his golden boot last game as said by club even a day before the game never presented it that game. I wonder why:/ aren’t they’ll supposed to present it if they win it. U think this must be related to matias officially arrested that lio didn’t wanna do any sort of this thing?

He didn’t? I forgot about that tbh, when I woke up the game was already over but that explains why I haven’t seen pics of it… I honestly don’t know the reason but I kinda doubt it was because of Matias.

Anonymous said to :

Ehh first of all leo earns 500k a week and after tax he earns £26.4 million + endorsements 40/50millon. Spain has 52% tax system so he won’t be billionaire. 2nd yeah this mean is a lot but it won’t go past their children unless the start successful business that brings in income after he retire. They have to build empire that will make the money they have profitable otherwise if they continue their now lifestyle after he retires without any other income, that money will be gone in 20 years.

I mean, he’s set to become the world’s highest-paid footballer so that is still a lot of money. I agree that billionaire is a stretch and also that they need to manage it well so it lasts (that’s why we keep mentioning smart investing/business opportunities) but if they want to live comfortably I think they can do it with that just fine.

And like, let’s not forget that even when Leo retires he’s gonna keep getting offered lots of work with sponsorships and plenty of other stuff so it’s not like he’s gonna stop earning money when he decides to stop playing. As long as he keeps it smart they’re going to be fine :)


The conversations between the opposing defenders were wonderful: 

–We can’t stop this kid. 


–So what we going to do? 

–How should I know? Didn’t you just say that he can’t be stopped? +

Art belongs to everybody and no body. Art belongs to all time and no time. Art belongs to those who create it and those who savour it … art is the whisper of history, heard above the noise of time.” – Julian Barnes, The Noise Of Time

Lionel Messi forces you into this. He makes you fall, makes you slip into lyrical reflection to express appreciation, so that a passage in a novel about a fearful Dmitri Shostakovich in the Soviet Union connects to an Argentine footballer on a Tuesday night in Barcelona. This is not a complaint. It is one piece of the awesome joy of Lionel Messi. He makes the people happy.

Modern football is one long racket, a constant noise, usually deafening, often discordant. Messi is the whisper of history heard above it. +

Okay so for the anon- originally they bought the property in 2012 for 1.8 million (top 3 pictures) then in 2013 they payed a fee to get the house fully renovated into a ultra modern style home with a luxury interior (I’m not sure the price tho my guess is maybe 2-3million) (this is the middle 3 pics) at this time they lived in the house at house in the corner pic until the home was fully renovated in late 2013.

Then they moved into the finished home and stayed there for about a year untill they decided to add more renovations. (2014/2015) This took a while, the renovations included a pitch (Mateo first step video), an indoor swimming pool (mateos first birthday pic), tennis court on top of this structure (there no pic of this) a gym, they also added more closet space an more stuff I’m not sure of. And also during this time of the 2nd renovation they reportedly moved back in to the corner pic house. Which they still own the property today. Anyways my details might be off a little so correct me if I’m wrong but there you go anon :)

I got the info mostly from diario goal and some other other websites that claim that a worker from Luca-Tana construction company leaked some info a couple years back. I’m sorry it’s not the most reliable. :( but that’s a general idea of the timeline

Anonymous said to :

Fuck! :D i try to recap part 2. If anyone wonders if the house is protected. It is! A car was passing by and by giving it a short look i think I saw a yellow sticker with a camera on it. So I think they are driving through the streets to make sure nothing strange happens. :) directly in front of the house you can see no security. But it’s extremly calm. Not many people on the street. The view they must have is amazing, because it’s so high on the mountain. But I tell you… That house is huge!

Anonymous said to :

Another funny thing.. I am not sure if you can see that on street view… They have large plants to make it even in the high impossible to see anything but at some places they have PICTURES of plants/trees put there like advertisment banners ON the plants hahaha it looks so funny because.. Imagine you have plants and put a banner of plants on it 😂

Hahaha, that’s sounds pretty weird lol I guess they’re trying to cover their bases and protect their privacy at 100% :D Thanks for the descriptions! <3

Anonymous said to :

For the cameras- that was only for thiagos nursery which I’m guessing is a smaller private owned company and they probably payed them to allow them plus installation frees. But as you mentioned anon they are not allowed to film his school. because he is Thiago Messi and his parents have money, doesn’t permit them to film his every step and install cameras across his school just so they have the luxury can monitor him when they feel. If they are concerned of his safety (which is their right) they

Anonymous said to :

(Pt2) can give a donation to the school to have security guards and install cameras, but then they wouldn’t have access to the footage only the security team would. It’s not like when Antos at home she could log in and see what a teacher is teaching. For the school, it’s illegal to have outside people view the classrooms and their hallways. Even if they payed for it.

Anonymous said to :

(3) If an stranger came and had been around the school, (then) they would show them the footage. So what I’m practically saying is that if there’s not a disturbance or something to cause concern they can’t just look at all the kids in the school at anytime :)

Ohhh, I see! Thank you so much for clarifying <3

Anonymous said to :

Not only are Thiago, Mateo and boy on the way set but their wives (or husband if the turn out to be homosexual) and entire wives/husband families are set for life too. I really hope they just dont live off of The cash but like you mentioned invest, and become successful business people

Well, I’m not sure about their entire political families but yeah, if they play it smart all the Messi Roccuzzo kids and their partners won’t have to worry about money, ever. That’s the dream tbh :P

Anonymous said to :

I miss no beard messi :(

Same :’( Otoh, I think the beard suits current Leo and his stage of life and he doesn’t look bad so it’s cool :’)


Lionel Messi for Sports Illustrated (2016)

Anonymous said to :

Not just the baby on the way even the one lio wants to have after this baby:P honestly that’s alot of money everyone is settled for life in that fam😅 but yes investment has to be made intelligently. Its my personal opinion none of the messi’s seem that sound when it comes to business decisions. Though recent times I’ve heard professional team has been made rather then the family handling stuff. I wonder all the amount gone on sports players if even half of it was used for worldly issues tho.

Well, he did say that they were gonna try for a girl next so yeah, that baby too lol :O Well, as long as they make smart decisions of course :)

Ummm yeah, I have issues with the OTT salaries for sports players and celebs and stuff. It’s overpaid imo and all that money could be used for more pressing matters but oh well, that’s the way the world works I guess :S

Anonymous said to :

There is so much family members of lio could’ve done i mean his siblings with the money he earns its just weird how none of them really has done anything for there career. I dont mean to offend anyone but its weird people like them have so much choice option yet even mariasol dropped out of her fashion school. But then i guess its everyone’s right to do whatever they want to do with their lives as long as they are happy:)

Yeah, definitely! I mean their lives, their choices but if I had access to a good amount of money like they do I’d have tried my hand at smart investing. But I guess they’re not interested in any of that. Well, I think Rodrigo manages the restaurant in Barcelona so there’s that but omg, they could do so much more and yet…

Anonymous said to :

(part 1) Hi! :) don’t know if these information are needed but i’m in Barcelona for holidays and today we decided to have a short trip to castelldefels. It’s a beautiful and calm little city! I can totally understand why Leo lives here. It’s fat away from being hectic or the life he has as famous person. We also took a walk around his house. You can see almost nothing, which is good!

Anonymous said to :

(part 3) We also passed by suarez house. It’s like… Not even 30 seconds of walking. And before anyone says something… We didn’t disturb their families or anyone. Just took a little walk to see how people are living there. :) we didn’t take any pictures or stood there for longer since we respect their privacy.

(I think Tumblr ate part 2 :S)

That’s so cool tbh! I’m glad you guys were respectful and that you got to see a little bit of the house :’) It’s cute that they live super close to Luis and Sofi, I’m sure they spend lots of time together and that’s sweet :D

Anonymous said to :

Do you think they have choosing a name for baby number 3? I guessed baby number two was gonna be named Mateo I think this time it’s either Adrian, Carlo, Marco.

I think they probably have a couple of names already (the ones that didn’t make it last time lol) but I have no idea which ones :P Hopefully you get it right again, I like Adrian and Marco a lot <3

Anonymous said to :

Do you know if Antonela monitors thiagos school? I read that they have cameras installed. But Isn’t that not allowed in Spain monitoring private property? So is it fake

I remember reading about that but I can’t remember if it was actually true. The school is private so maybe it’s allowed (in case it’s true) but I honestly can’t tell you… Anybody remembers anything? Thanks! :)

Anonymous said to :

So many girls just jealous of Antonelas lifestyle that’s why there’s so many anon complaining

Luckily I don’t think we’ve had many complains lately. Except for the occasional troll lol :/

Anonymous said to :

I’m glad they went to Finland and not a beach place like most vacations. If you had the chance would you go to the beach, tropical location or a snowy mountain location?

Well, it was a very quick trip so it made sense that they stayed in Europe and since it’s winter the snow was inescapable lol :D

I’m not really into hot weather so the snowy mountain locations sounds ideal for me :)

Anonymous said to :

So correct me if I’m wrong but they bought a house like 2012 and they renovated in 2013/2014 and then the renovated again adding a whole otheside. Or did they only renovate once?

I think the 2013/2014 renovation was when they added the other house to make it all into one single property. I think they’ve had a few small renovations over the years but the one major renovation I remember is when they incorporated the adjacent house to their home :)

Anonymous said to :

Were you surprised when you found out about Anto having an ex? I’ve been following her since 2013 and i found out recently and I was confused

Anonymous said to :

And also does anyone knows what he’s up to nowadays?

No, not really. I thought it was expected and very normal so it made sense to me. I guess when you’ve read so many stories in the media about them being childhood sweethearts and stuff it’s surprising to find out things weren’t exactly like that so I get your reaction lol

Ummm well, last I heard he was playing for local teams in Rosario (like second division and stuff like that). Idk if he still does or what he’s doing with his life, I don’t think there’s a lot of info on the internet so I have no idea :P



Anonymous said to :

If you could bring one Barca player back who would it be,? For me it would be Alexis

Like a player we sold recently and shouldn’t have? Thiago Alcántara for sure :)

Anonymous said to :

Damn that’s a lot of money! They will be billionaires in less than 5 years if you include his addidas deal and other companies

They’re set for life. And not just Leo and Antonela, also their children (including the baby on the way and that’s just incredible tbh).

Hopefully they manage it all well tho :)

Anonymous said to :

Remember how lio used to have for a while pics of anto&the kids on that bag he had while going for home games. Luis also has picture he still has them while lio stopped. I wonder why. Nowadays lio carries a plain bag no pics of the family on them.

I think he just got a new model and didn’t (hasn’t?) personalized it :)


Lionel Messi of Barcelona celebrates scoring his team’s first goal during the La Liga match between Barcelona and Celta de Vigo at Camp Nou on December 2, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

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The Messi Roccuzzo family back in Barcelona after visiting Finland


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